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i stumbled across another tasty looking recipe from budget bytes.

so far i’ve tried her naan, flour tortillas and now this focaccia recipe. all delicious and easy.

that girl knows her carbs.

i had never made focaccia before so i was looking for a simple and basic recipe for my first time. this recipe was super simple and the results are tasty.

basically, mix up the ingredients and let sit overnight. then stretch, brush with oil and seasonings, let proof for an hour and cook.

this does make a full sheet of focaccia so be prepared to have a lot on your hands. we will be toasting it up and slathering it with this green goddess dressing (love that girl!) tonight and making blta’s with it. tomorrow, i will be tearing the focaccia up into small bits, tossing it around with some melted butter and garlic and toasting em in the oven for some awesome homemade croutons.

then we will have a little salad for dinner with green goddess dressing and homemade rosemary focaccia croutons.

those are the ingredients for a good wednesday.

check out the full focaccia recipe here.

elevated grilled cheese

imagine the perfect grilled cheese sandwich- perfectly crisp and  buttery bread that encases melty, gooey, oozy cheese.

are you picturing it?

image via

now add a couple things and consider your sandwich seriously elevated- add tomatoes, bacon, prosciutto, caramelized onions with thyme, sauteed crimini mushrooms, basil, another fancy cheese (think gruyere, brie or chevre) or a fried egg. change the bread up- ciabatta, rosemary foccacia, rye, garlic sourdough…

now we are talkin’.

i had a craving for a yummy cheese sandwich and remembered how tasty the grown up grilled cheese is from upper crust bakery. smoked provolone, sliced tomato and a bit of crumbled chevre on focaccia bread. they spread the outside with aioli and a sprinkling of romano cheese then grill it to perfection. um, yes please.

grilled cheese sandwiches are easy to tweak and make fantastic. here are a few ways that you can take your old stand by grilled cheese and make it oh so much better…

spanish grilled cheese via bon appetit

prosciutto, basil, tomato + asiago

ciabatta, brie, ham, dijon + roasted red peppers via michael chiarello

i’ve had a delicious grilled cheese with brie, apricot jam and a couple leaves of basil on a ciabatta. may sound a little odd but it tasted heavenly.

how do you like your grilled cheese? how do you dress em up?

pillowy naan with garlic butter

pillowy, soft, fluffy naan brushed with an unholy amount of garlic infused butter.

it all started with this simple little ball of dough.

okay, rewind.

it all started with flour, salt, warm water. yeast and plain greek yogurt. mix together. let rise 45 minutes-ish.

do you own a bench scraper? its that handy little tool in the pic above. you dont? you totally should.

its great for scraping up chopped up bits of onion, carrots, leeks, what-have-you and depositing them exactly where you want them to go and not on your nice clean floor. invest in one.

i cut the dough into 8 pieces after it rose.

then i used my hands to gently stretch and flatten each piece in to a roundish shape that was about 1/4 inch thick.

i threw it in my trusty cast iron skillet that had been getting nice and hot over medium heat. i cooked the naan for about 3 minutes on each side.

as soon as i pulled it out of the skillet i slathered both sides with an unholy amount of garlic infused butter (melt a few T of butter, smash a clove or two of garlic and toss em into the butter, let infuse for 10+ minutes) and they were ready to eat.

you could also infuse the butter with onion or fresh thyme or rosemary or even some cumin.

go crazy.

we had ours with the chicken tikka masala from trader joes (in the refrig section) and some quick sauteed zucchini. the naan is also yummy all on its own, warm and fluffy and buttery straight from the skillet.

i also had some naan with a fried egg the next morning for breakfast, using the fluffy pieces of torn off naan to sop up the egg yolks.

breakfast nirvana.

homemade naan recipe via budget bytes

a birthday celebration for le petit bebe

just some ideas for a sweet girl’s birthday…

i like to pick a theme and 2 or three colors and go from there. i find inspirational color combos on etsy and in all the blogs that i peruse each day, but color inspiration can be found anywhere. in the store, walking down the street, in fabric. i chose our wedding colors from a sweet vintage comforter that i bought years and years ago. see? anywhere!

for this girl’s birthday party i chose pinwheels as the theme and i love a bright pink and a dark orange together, but really any shades of pink + orange work well together. if you wanted to throw in an accent color like white or yellow, go for it! and a pattern, like a floral or a sweet stripe with all your colors in it? perfect. throw in some inexpensive homemade fringy streamers and you’ve got one adorable party fit for the sweet birthday bebe.

paper culture

oh happy day

look how cute the orange + pink streamers look together. adorable.

pickled parlor via etsy

well dressed cupcakes

love these darling mini pinwheels for your cupcakes or to scatter them across a cake.

the sweetest occasion

those decorations above are diy. tutorial via martha stewart.

martha stewart

im so charmed by the lovely ribbon decor. another easy diy, all you need is a needlepoint hoop and some ribbon. easy peasy!

guess who?

okay, thats all for now. i hope these images will inspire you like they inspired me!

al fresco dining

all this lovely weather makes me want to grab a nice cold beer, a tasty plate of grub and dine outside. dining al fresco at home is nice, but out at a restaurant where someone else has cooked the meal (and will be doing the dishes) is even more appealing!

if you live in chico and would like to sit out on a patio while you eat a tasty meal that someone else has prepared, here are a few places that have a great patio.

grab that beer and get out there!

image via beer obsessed

sierra nevada brewery

image via restaurants chico

grilla bites has a great outdoor dining area with lots of tables and a cooling and pretty water fountain.

sol mexican grill is a new kid in town. its located in the old cafe ricci building (on the corner of esplanade + eaton) and is run by the same folks that churn out tasty + super affordable eats at la cocina economica. they have a shady patio and will soon be expanding their menu to include dinner + drinks as soon as they get their liquor license.

this weekend daniel and i will be checking out annie’s asian grill‘s patio (pic above). i’ve only been there once and daniel has never been so it should be a good time and great weather for it.

logo via red tavern

red tavern has a charming outdoor area complete with lots of shade, a fire pit and bocce ball court. add to that the tasty cocktails and  yummy food and i’d say thats a great place to while away a summery friday or saturday night.

tres hombres has finally reopened with their much anticipated new sidewalk dining, which i had the pleasure of enjoying a few weeks ago with kasey and melody.

these are just the spaces that i know about that have patio dining, please let me know if i forgot any!

*** 2 more- burgers + brew and crush downtown (and in the same building!)***

amy butler empire

where do i even begin to express my love for amy butler?

not only does she design fun, colorful + cheery fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, rugs and more, she also has a covetable house and she’s adorable.

so much goodness from one woman.

i came across her house tour on apartment therapy this morning and here are a few of my favorite spaces in her home…

i want.

love the wallpaper, amy butler designed, of course!

see the entire house tour here

you can check out all her fun fabrics and diy tutorials here

all fabric samples are via amy butler

open adoption + becoming “real parents”- part deux

sorry for the rant, but i have had a few people make these comments and i completely understand that it is because they dont know any better and they mean no harm to us. but adoption is a deeply personal and emotional subject for us and these comments rub a raw spot on my heart. this is why i am writing these posts about adoption, to educate people about the correct terms and what open adoption really is. we knew very little about adoption and had our own assumptions about what it must mean to adopt until our lives brought us in this direction. now, we have read umpteen books ( i think i have read 12), blogs and magazines about adoption to educate ourselves. and we just want to share this information with you.
oh man, i’ve veered off course….
okay, so once the birthmom picks 1 or 2 families that she wants to meet, then our adoption agency will call those families and make arrangements for them to meet the birthmom at the adoption office. our adoption worker will be there during that meeting to help make everyone more comfortable and help get everyone talking to one another and asking questions. these meetings run high with emotions, both parties wanting to like the other party, but feeling a little awkward talking to a stranger about such personal subjects and because there is so much riding on meeting each other.
think about it for a second.
as waiting adoptive parents, daniel and i have already been through so much emotionally and physically to get to this point. we ache to become parents and to have a baby to hold and love and call our own. so we want her to like us.
not just like, we want her to look at us and see nothing but sparkles and unicorns and rainbows shooting out of our noses.
i mean, seriously. we want this woman to like us enough to choose us to raise her baby. that is big. huge. enormous. so we are nervous.
the pregnant woman wants to find the right couple to raise her unborn child. this is big. huge. enormous. so she is nervous, too.
after the meeting, we go home and try to sleep and wait until we get the call from the agency (usually the next day) telling us whether she chose us or not. if she chooses us, we go from there. more on that another day…

open adoption + becoming “real parents”- part 1

what is open adoption? this is usually one of the first questions a family member or friend asks when we tell them that we are waiting to adopt in an open adoption.

Open adoption simply means that the birth parents have the opportunity to participate fully in their adoption plan, including: selecting the parents they believe to be best for their child; meeting, interviewing and getting to know the adoptive parents; sharing information with the adoptive parents; spending time with the baby while in the hospital; deciding whether or not to have ongoing contact with the adoptive family and child; and, negotiating the type of ongoing contact desired, such as letters, pictures or visits. We offer guidance and support in helping adoptive parents and birth parents establish a relationship and determine what kind of contact is best for everyone involved.

Not all birth parents feel comfortable having contact with the adoptive parents after they have selected them. Whether or not the birth parents or adoptive parents will have contact after the birth is up to the parties involved.” (adoption choices of northern california)
what does all of that mean? a woman that is pregnant and has made the decision to put her child up for adoption will get to take home a profile of each waiting family in the adoption program. the profiles were put together by the waiting couples, and they consist of pictures of that couple and their family and friends and that couple’s “story” (how they met, what their lives are like together). right now there are 11 couples waiting, with their hearts on their sleeves, to adopt and grow their family. this woman may be between the ages of 15-40 years old, but contrary to widespread beliefs, she is not always a teenager. i think many people would be surprised to discover that many of them are women in their 20s-30s that are just not ready to start a family yet, or waited too long to make a decision and termination is no longer an option, or have made the decision that they cant afford more children or women that are just about to begin their careers or are mid career and the timing is just not right. these are just a few reasons that birthmoms turn to adoption.
they are not all unwed teenagers. i just wanted to clear that up because i have had no less than 10 friends and family members make that assumption and its incorrect.
the birthmoms (pregnant women that are putting their babies up for adoption) get counseling and support while they figure out whether this is the right program for them and continue to have counseling and support while they are in the program, even after the birth if it is wanted and needed.
let me just stop here and say this, a woman that is pregnant and elects to put her baby up for adoption is referred to as a birthmom. once we adopt she will be referred to as either the birthmom or the tummy mommy as we tell our young child all about his or her adoption story and how we became a family. please do not refer to her as “your baby’s real mommy” or the “actual mom” or a “special aunt”. thats why we are adopting a child, to become “real parents” and just because our child does not have our blood, my skin color or wavy hair or daniels hazel eyes does not make him or her any less our real child.

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

as a baker, i am always on the look out for new recipes that give me delectable results. lately, i’ve also been on the lookout for recipes that use less sugar or alternative natural sweeteners (agave, pure maple syrup, honey, fruit juice, apple sauce) and different types of alternative flours. i like the idea of baking and cooking with flours other than wheat based flours. if you shoot on down to your local health food store, you will find an abundance of alternative flours- coconut, almond, garbanzo, spelt and brown rice flour just to name a few.

i was searching for a coconut flour chocolate chip cookie recipe since i love chocolate and coconut flavors combined and i figured this would be a good recipe to start with. it was easy, came together in just a couple minutes and (most importantly as always) the results were tasty.


about this sweet little cookie…

it tastes just like a “normal” cookie made with sugar and unbleached all purpose flour just with a slight coconut flavor lurking in the background. the crumb of this cookie is a little more tender and soft than a typical cookie. in a good way. i think the texture of it lies somewhere between a cookie and a good scone, leaning closer to the cookie texture. i used raw agave syrup to sweeten it instead of sugar and because agave syrup is 25% sweeter tasting than sugar, i was able to use only 3/4 cup of the agave instead of the full cup of sugar the recipe asked for. i also used real butter since, like bacon, butter makes everything better.

if you are a gluten free gal or guy or you have an occasion to bake for a gluten free loved one, i highly recommend this recipe.

next time i am in the mood to bake i am going to try using the base for this cookie and subtract the chocolate chips and add in finely grated carrots, chopped up walnuts and raisins and maybe use organic apple sauce to sweeten them and make carrot cake cookies.

and who knows? i might just top them with a fluffy little dollop of vanilla bean mascarpone frosting.

because, i’m wild like that.



wheat free chocolate chip cookies

¾ cup + 2 Tbsp Brown rice flour
¼ cup Let’s Do…Organic® Coconut Flour
½ tsp Baking soda
8 Tbsp Butter or (1 stick) non-dairy alternative, softened
3/4 cup raw agave syrup
1 egg or equivalent substitute
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
1 cup 60% cacao chocolate chips
¾ cup Walnuts or pecans, chopped (optional)

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Blend together the butter and agave until well mixed.
  • Beat in egg and vanilla.
  • In a separate bowl mix the flours and baking soda.
  • Add this to the butter/egg mixture until smooth and well blended.
  • Stir in chocolate chips and nuts (if using).
  • Drop the dough by the teaspoonful onto pre-greased cookie sheets.
  • These should be spaced about 2 inches apart.
  • Bake about 7 to 10 minutes or until brown on the edges.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool for 2 minutes on the cookie sheet before transferring to a cooling rack.

this recipe made about 20 small cookies but dont be fooled by their size. they pack a ton of flavor and because they are made with coconut and brown rice flours they are super high in fiber, making them really filling.

original recipe at  edward & sons

little monkey grows up

this little monkey is not my child. he is my sweet, adorable, funny nephew. he makes me laugh and gives me the best open mouthed and sloppy little kisses. he smiles when he sees his auntie jack and makes my heart swell with love. his mommy and daddy went through some heart breaking and life altering challenges to bring this little bundle of perfection into their lives and they love him so much and so hard. he is one lucky baby. and i know that they feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be his mommy and daddy.

his lola (tagalog for grandma) and papa love him something fierce, making the drive from redding sometimes twice a week because they ache to see his sweet little face and see what amazing and wondrous things they have missed in the few days since they have seen him last. lola watches him every thursday, coming even when she is exhausted or not feeling 100% because she just cant stay away from him.

his auntie jack and uncle dan dan love him something fierce, too. we dont have a child yet, we are waiting (somewhat) patiently for that phone call that will announce to us that there is a pregnant woman out there with a heart big and open enough to want to meet us and see if we are the couple that she wants to raise her baby.  we cant wait for that honor to be granted to us. but in the meantime, our hearts are filled with nothing but love for this little guy. he brings sunshine into our sometimes cloudy lives while we wait for our own bundle of sunshine.

daniel and i know that when we finally get to become parents, that our baby will be loved just as much and just as hard by our families as cooper. our families are so heartbroken for us that pregnancy and childbirth are just not part of our path anymore but we know that they are more than willing to walk this new path with us. with completely open hearts and wide open arms. we feel blessed to have our families behind us 150%.

despite what some people may think, a birthmom choosing a couple to adopt her child is the most selfless and loving act she could ever provide for that child. let me repeat that, it is the most selfless and loving act she could ever provide for that child. she loves this little life inside her so much that she wants to offer it a loving family that will give him or her the life and experiences and love that (for whatever reason) she may not be able to provide. it is completely selfless.

im going to start doing some posts on what it means to adopt and a little about our process up to this point. ive already talked several times about the waiting but i will start to write more about the logistics of our chosen path of adoption, why we chose it and how it works down to the nuts and bolts. i figure this could be great information for any prospective adopting couples that may need a little more information. i also think it can help to educate people about what adoption truly is, who puts their babies up for adoption and why.

stay tuned….