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in the lfbd dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum…. i dont know quite how it happened but we have 2 weddings to attend this weekend. along with the weddings, we have 7 friends coming to town to stay with us starting thursday evening and daniel is a groomsmen in one of the weddings. can you say [...]


im a little late to the game with this post, but anthro has finally come out with a line of wedding goodies- bhldn. im trying to contain my bitterness that they did it about 3 years too late for me to fully appreciate and utilize the new line (shaking fist @ anthro!), but for all [...]

going to the chapel الخيارات الثنائية لمسة واحدة most of our circle of friends have already kissed the single life ciao! and tied the knot, but we have some friends that are either engaged and awaiting their big day or still on the market. me? i’ve already said ‘i do’ a few years ago, but that doesn’t stop me from loving wedding style [...]

holy matrimony! iq option come funziona three years ago today i stood by my best friend of 10 years, shed a few tears, had a few laughs, and said ” i do “. i have to say that it was the best and easiest decision ive made my entire life. life can hand us difficult situations and hard choices to make [...]

We Goin’ Maui

buy Priligy sildenafil citrate in Toledo Ohio View Larger Map Now that that whole wedding thing is over with, we can start focusing on our trip to Maui. We’re trying to ask as many people as possible about their trips to Maui. What was your favorite place to eat, to relax, to sightsee? What was a complete waste of time and/or money?I [...]

Whew! So everything went off without a hitch. Thank you all for helping us celebrate. I hope everyone had a good time. Now we can get back to our normal lives. I’m tired and I’m going to bed..

It’s Really Happening

All of our family and friends are starting to roll into town. Which can mean only one thing: It’s really happening. All of the planning and organizing is actually becoming reality now and Jackie and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As excited as we are to get married, it’ll [...]

Wedding Thoughts iq option take profit So our wedding is one week from today and everything is falling into place. And believe me, I’m very happy and excited about it, but this whole event has got me thinking. The wedding industry is just a big sham. DJ’s, Florists, Caterers, Wedding planners and the like are all ridiculously priced but “necessary” to [...]

Wow.. As you can imagine, with less than 2 weeks before the wedding, we are running around like crazy to get everything ready for the “big day”. We got our marriage license last week, Jackie has been putting together a bunch of decorations, we’re meeting with the DJ, talking with Ben at A&J for all the [...]

Bachelorette Party Well, Jackie is off to her bachelorette party for the weekend and you know what that means? No adult supervision for THREE DAYS! Oh man, this is going to be awesome. I’m totally going to eat Red Baron pizzas and drink nothing but KoolAid and beer all weekend. It’s gonna be so awesome. You know [...]