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theres wine in them there hills! part deux

purchace fincar online after we finished wandering around the grounds of paravi vineyard and were done relaxing on the patio, we loaded up and headed to bumgarner winery.                                                             [...]

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theres wine in them there hills! part one

fare soldi trading ooooh boy. its been over a month since my last post here. sorry! it seems as though my new food blog has taken up most of my spare time, and now dackie has become the neglected oldest child. again, sorry! lets get back on track here. lets talk wine.             [...]

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memorial day trip, part deux

opcje binarne ksiazki we made it up to roseburg friday evening and daniel’s brother, sister in law and nephew arrived shortly after we did. they made the drive down from seattle after having to deal with some fun gridlock in portland ( at 3:00 on a friday of a holiday weekend. yikes.) we only get to see them [...]

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memorial day trip, part 1

كتابه على صور daniel, bella and i hopped in the car this weekend and headed up to oregon. our destination was roseburg but we also always like to stop in ashland on the way up or back down and walk around and have some lunch. the weather was indecisive all weekend but we did get some lovely sunshine [...]

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sf day 3

binární opce demo the last day in sf was the best one because daniel was done working and we were able to see (eat) the city together. it went a little something like this… yummy breakfast + damn fine coffee @ blue bottle…shopping @ the ferry building… 21st amendment brewery for lunch and a couple strong brews… humphrey [...] auto binary ea italiano

and then there was a little crash opzioni binarie i left sausalito on day 2 and headed back to our hotel in the early afternoon. it was cloudy and cold out, but not raining, so i cant blame my inability to see on the rain. i had been driving around for 20 minutes already trying to get to my hotel, mind you, i knew [...]

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where the @#%& is mint plaza?!?!

bdswisst erfahrungen sf was a whirlwind of fun- hanging out on the beach and soaking up the sun, shopping, eating, drinking and just hanging out with my better half. the first day was the only sunny day and so i was supremely grateful that i headed to the beach while the sun was out. although it was [...]

i heart you, sf

watch currency rates live ahhhh, san francisco.  a city full of interesting people and delicious food and the ocean and shopping galore and museums and quirky neighborhoods. i heart this city. daniel + i will be going to the city next week for a few days because he has a conference for work. this means that for 2 days [...]

tahoe. sweet, sweet tahoe.

احالة المشغل in july, we and the speers and cervantes families rented a house in kings beach and had us a little vacation. as you all know, no matter how long the vacation, its really never quite long enough, and this was no exception. we rented the house for 2 nights, arriving on friday afternoon and checking [...]

Hot-Lanta boyeee

tradeview فوركس Do people from Atlanta actually call it “Hot-Lanta”? Because I gotta be honest, I feel like an idiot referring to it as that. Well, it’s entirely possible I’m an idiot regardless of whether I call it “Hot-Lanta” or not, but I digress. So the reason I bring this up is that I’m going to “Hot-Lanta” [...]