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feeling thankful

her comment is here the big (eating) day is finally here. daniel is rinsing his homemade herb salt rub off of the turkey and preparing to put that big ole’ bird in the oven. the yams have been sufficiently roasted and have released their sweet syrupy goodness to the baking sheet and the house smells like thanksgiving, the day [...]

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a dirty thanksgiving secret okay, im going to be brutally honest and straight with you here. i dont really like turkey. and since i’m letting it all hang out here, i will tell you another thing- i’m not a fan of apple or pumpkin pie, either. i know i know.  blasphemy, right?!?! i know that some of you are [...]

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love the sentiment eating. laughing. turkey in the oven. here comes aunt phyllis and uncle johnny! cranberry sauce. music on the stereo. dancing in the living room. oysters and champagne. get the table set. grandma’s special pie. that strange green bean dish. more eating. the parade on t.v. sneaking bites before dinner. corn bread stuffing. mounds of potatoes [...] segnali per opzione binaria

Thanks y’all

click this link here now So Thanksgiving is Thursday. Wahoo! I can’t wait to eat all of that food. My favorite dish has got to be the mashed potatoes. Turkey and cranberry sauce are close seconds. And I’m not talking about the crap you get in a can that stays in the shape of the can. I’m talking about homemade [...]