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did someone say party?

enforex calle de alberto aguilera madrid spain it was another gorgeous, sunny spring day here in chicoland. the daycare child and i headed outside first thing in the morning to squeeze in lots of outside play. while he climbed trees, played with snakes and ate rocks dug in the mud, painted rainbows + clouds and played with chalk,  i daydreamed of a [...]

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shiver me timbers

traden mit binären optionen lernen seriously, shiver me timbers! im so excited because in just a couple months this little buccaneer turns 1. and jules has been gracious enough to let me go crazy with decoration and party ideas for the birthday bash. that is not sarcasm at all. i live for planning parties, making invitations and cards and making [...]

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it was all a blur

generic Priligy 10 mg i dont know what it is about the holidays that makes us want to max our social calendars out and be among friends more than usual, but im all for it. this weekend, actually starting on thursday,  was a blur of busy-ness. we started the weekend off thursday night at leon bistro where we had [...]

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how to be a gracious guest 101

blood increasing tablets its the season of  holiday festivities and dinners and parties.  someone likes you enough to invite you to their home for an evening full of friends, food and cocktails. so what do you do? show up 10 minutes early, empty handed and watch your gracious host/hostess scramble like mad to finish putting on their makeup [...] metodo per fare trading

a pint (or 10) of heaven

دورات تدريبية للفوركس Hey there. It’s me. Dan. I’m the other half of “Dackie” that only makes rare (and obviously, very special) appearances on this blog. I’ve hereby been ordered to report on our evening at the 30th Anniversary party for Sierra Nevada, held two weeks ago….so away we go: Even though it was held on a Monday, [...]

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going to the chapel

guadagnare con le opzioni binarie forum most of our circle of friends have already kissed the single life ciao! and tied the knot, but we have some friends that are either engaged and awaiting their big day or still on the market. me? i’ve already said ‘i do’ a few years ago, but that doesn’t stop me from loving wedding style [...]

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party shoes

Viagra på nätet i’ve got my party shoes on and am anxiously waiting for the clock to turn 3:00 so that i may close the daycare and head to sierra nevada. i will post pics and details tomorrow (if my head is up for it…) all about the 30th anniversary bash! bottoms up!

what the what??? beställa champix in case anyone has noticed, dackie had some technical difficulties ( not our fault!) and daniel was unable to restore many, many of our posts. which really blows because just a few days before it went down i had finally posted a couple recipes- pics and all! i think the most recent post is from [...]

Last Hurrah of 2007

How To Get Viagra Prescription in New Haven Connecticut So as it turns out, I am getting old. I know. I’m just as surprised as you are. But more importantly, my friends are getting old. And having babies. And turning in their big-boy pants for one-zee’s. Gone are the days where we would party all night at Normal St Bar, only to stumble to [...]