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time change, youre not my favorite

binäre option 25 startguthaben ohne einzahlung kostenlos im not a morning person. ive never been a morning person. when i lived in redding and was attending shasta college, i worked at a coffee cart (*which was inside an upscale grocery store) and had to get up at 5:40 and be at the coffee cart by 6:30 to open it up. and we [...]

Home Sweet Home

Alright so in case you haven’t heard, we still don’t have a place to live. That house on Kern St that we were all stoked about fell through because the stupid home-owner decided at the very last minute that she didn’t want to rent the house anymore and wants to put the house up for [...]

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Busy Beaver

opzioni binarie con bonus iniziale So this week was pretty hectic. I started work in Chico on Wednesday and feel like I’ve been on the go ever since. I’m pretty excited about my new job. The people in the marketing department are really nice and they have a lot of cool things going on. We’re still on the look-out for [...]

We’re going back to Cali.. err. Chico that is. I have 3 items to discuss today, so bear with me. 1) After being laid off from about a month ago, I have spent the past few weeks searching for a job. My efforts have proven to be very fruitful and I received two job offers within days of each other. I have decided [...]

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