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Hot-Lanta boyeee

Do people from Atlanta actually call it “Hot-Lanta”? Because I gotta be honest, I feel like an idiot referring to it as that. Well, it’s entirely possible I’m an idiot regardless of whether I call it “Hot-Lanta” or not, but I digress. So the reason I bring this up is that I’m going to “Hot-Lanta” [...]

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We made it…barely

var man kan köpa viagra 200 mg Thanks to everyone that helped us this weekend, we’re all moved in to our new house. We’re a littele beat up and bruised, and we’ll probably be in bed by 9pm every night this week, but we’re moved. Yay. You’d think we had moving down to a science, and I’m pretty sure we’re not too [...] iqoptionnonfunziona

Ugh: Food Labeling

كسب المال الحقيقي على الانترنت <begin rant> This kind of shit just makes me sick (not the I-just-drank-a-bunch-of-puss-covered-utter-rBST-laden-milk sick, more the I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening sick). Basically its a post about how the “agricultural company,” Monsanto, is trying to push through some state legislation so that dairies can’t label their food “hormone-free.” From the Consumerist post, the reason being “[b]ecause milk can’t be [...]

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Stuff: Things Edition

opzioni binarie con puntata minima Just a couple things today so let’s get to it…

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Interweb Provider opzioni binarie esposte So we’re moving in a few weeks and I was thinking about our “cursed internet provider who shall not be named” (CIPWSNBN). I’m completely sick of them and was thinking of changing over to AT&T DSL. So here is my question to you loyal readers (hello? anyone?)

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How much do I suck? (and various other topics of discussion)

option time 70 rendite Seriously folks, I must apologize for my lack of posts. I’d like to say that I’ve been totally busy with work and all that, but I really haven’t. I’ve just been in an odd mood and haven’t felt like posting. It’s nothing you said or did, it’s all me. Don’t be mad. Look! I’m posting [...]

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30 years ago today…

أطروحة الرقمية …Enriqueta and Patrick gave birth to our sweet little Jackie. Happy Birthday Jackie!!! I hope you have the most amazing-est birthday ever. You’ll get your birthday present tonight (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Here’s your chance to wish Jackie a happy birthday and make fun of how old she is tell her how cool she is. binaire opties eztrader

Congratulations strike again

broker test binäre optionen Alright folks, another baby announcement. Ryan & Lori had their baby over the weekend. His name is Jack. If he’s lucky, he looks like his mother.  Some more butt patts go out to them and their family. Nice work. We miss you guys and can’t wait to see pictures. Seriously though, last spring turned out [...]

Congratulations, part deux الخيارات الثنائية طرق التداول My good buddy, Chris, and his wife, Ileana, had a little baby boy this morning. They named him, Rocket. Okay, so they didn’t name him Rocket, it was Alexander. But Rocket would be a totally wicked name. Almost as cool as Cash Money Reardon. Almost. Butt patts go out to Chris and his family. Congratulations [...]

We brought Hawaii with us

recensione broker iq option It looks like we may have brought the same weather we had in Hawaii back to the states. For those of you in the mix of it, this is exactly what Jackie and I had to deal with on our honeymoon, only it was 80 degrees outside instead of 45 or 50.