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see ya 2010 daniel + i are definitely looking forward to saying goodbye to this year and welcoming a new year that will be full of limitless possibilities. the lovely cervantes + speer families will be here in the early afternoon and we have a delicious menu planned and pomegranate cosmos, blood orange champagne cocktails, wine and daniels [...]

cheers! daniel and i just want to wish you all a warm + bright holiday and we hope that your new year is full of ch_client = “manojt”; ch_width = 300; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “Chitika Default”; ch_alternate_ad_url = “×250&kwds=”; ch_color_site_link = “#164675″; ch_color_title = “#164675″; ch_color_border = “#B0C9EB”; ch_color_text = “#333333″; [...]

bring on the eating pants脙陇rger.txt christmas and new years eve. they are so close i can smell it. do you know what it smells like? no, not pine trees and cinnamon and champagne. to me, it smells like maple pecan muffins and gruyere potatoes gratin and garlic studded prime rib roast. mmm…. i will be making baked lemony artichoke dip [...]

it was all a blur

i dont know what it is about the holidays that makes us want to max our social calendars out and be among friends more than usual, but im all for it. this weekend, actually starting on thursday,  was a blur of busy-ness. we started the weekend off thursday night at leon bistro where we had [...]


i have been making my own gift tags for years, mainly because its simple, inexpensive and i think a handmade gift tag adds that little je nais se quoi to a gift.  all you need is a decent printer, some scissors and some good card stock in whatever color floats your boat. there are some [...]

how to be a gracious guest 101 its the season of  holiday festivities and dinners and parties.  someone likes you enough to invite you to their home for an evening full of friends, food and cocktails. so what do you do? show up 10 minutes early, empty handed and watch your gracious host/hostess scramble like mad to finish putting on their makeup [...]

all the trimmings

just a few ornaments that i wish were dangling on our tree… nature girl… sparkle nation… cute + cozy… do you pick a theme or signature color(s) for your tree? do you have family ornaments that have been on your tree for years? do you change your theme every year or are you a traditionalist [...]

modern + festive wreaths i promised myself that i wouldnt post any christmas related stuff until after thanksgiving, and now that turkey day has come and gone, hold on to your  flippin’ hats! todays holiday decor post is all about wreaths. once upon a time when you thought of a wreath, only christmas tree trimmings and maybe pine cones [...]

its an etsy christmas

opzioni digitali 60 minuti i love me some etsy. if i could, i would purchase all of my everything off of there. there are so many charming shops to browse, i can waste hours on etsy just window shopping. since it tis the season, here are some christmas cards that would bring a smile to my face if they [...]

xmas trees and donkeys and tonka toys, oh my!

today daniel and i decided while at breakfast at cafe coda that we would see if there were any “you cut em” tree lots around chico. we found one in biggs, one in yankee hill and mountain view xmas tree farm in paradise. paradise won. we headed up to the tree farm after having a [...]