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ikealand i probably only make it to ikea about twice per year, but in a way i like it that way since that means that when i do get to go there is so much new merchandise for me to browse. we’ve only bought a few things from ikea- a duvet, a rug, a children’s chair [...]

a little peek

here are a few shots around the house as requested by a couple friends. keep in mind 2 things,  please…1) i did not stage or clean anything before i snapped these shots so what you see really is what you get, and 2) our current camera is a piece of, well, you know, and so [...]

trading binario quanto anno guadagnato

money is no object

siti opzioni binarie con demo well okay, IF money were no object, I might just pick up one of these lovelies to come live in our house as our media stand. sidenote*** why do i have to have champagne tastes on a beer budget??? sigh.

modern nurseries part deux while waiting to get “that” phone call for our adoption, i like to pass the time by window shopping nurseries too see how we want ours to look. i have already made some art for the baby room, we have a crib assembled in the garage, rocking chair, baby car seat from my sis, a [...]

modern nursery love love LOVE this nursery. simply adorable. im a big fan of the birch tree thing that was made so popular by this wallpaper by cole & son and would love to have something similar to that in baby lazerbeam’s room. whats that? oh, the name? my husband, he is a comedian. that credenza is [...]

i heart anthropologie (like, big time!)

this is not a shock to anyone that truly knows me, but to all you other peeps out there, here it is- i heart anthro. as in, its my most favorite place to pass a few hours and kiss our hard earned mulah goodbye. last xmas all i asked for were gift cards to anthro [...]

dirty little habit${9999990+9999255} power option by ava trade i dont know about you, but i consider myself to be a bit of a voyeur (a prying observer who is usually seeking the sordid or the scandalous) when it comes to other people’s homes. i am not really seeking sordid or scandalous things in their homes (what are those fuzzy handcuffs for???) but i [...]