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in the lfbd

dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum…. i dont know quite how it happened but we have 2 weddings to attend this weekend. along with the weddings, we have 7 friends coming to town to stay with us starting thursday evening and daniel is a groomsmen in one of the weddings. can you say [...]

trade on linemigliore

charming outerwear has anyone else noticed how schizophrenic the weather has been? tornadoes, sunshine, thunder, rainbows, 40 mph winds + rain. good times for northern california. the only thing im indecisive about right now is which of these stylish outerware i want in my closet…

bhldn im a little late to the game with this post, but anthro has finally come out with a line of wedding goodies- bhldn. im trying to contain my bitterness that they did it about 3 years too late for me to fully appreciate and utilize the new line (shaking fist @ anthro!), but for all [...]

eye candy i have shared with you before a list of blogs that i like to browse each week and one of the great things about reading blogs is stumbling across other ones when my favorite bloggers share what they are reading and looking to for inspiration. here are some new ones that i go to for [...]

i see spots

but they are just so cheerful binary brokers funziona i am a girl who loves stripes. of every color, on everything from my floor to my clothes. we have striped cloth napkins, tablecloths, rugs, plates, bedding…you get my drift, yeah? but my sweet, dear husband is done with them. when i was shopping for a new rug a while ago he told me before [...]

le fancy sauce i dont have my ears pierced, but i do love to wear necklaces and bracelets. i only wear 2 rings, my wedding ring and a yellow amber ring that my sis bought for me back in college. but i have a growing collection of necklaces. they are an easy way to add some dazzle to [...]

this could get ugly my dear sister has said to me on numerous occasions when we were out shopping together  ” jack, your bank account is going to be  in big trouble if you adopt a girl.”  in relation to that, i happened upon hij kids on one of my blogs today and oh holy hell… let me just [...]

here, kitty kitty

opcja binarna opinie in my humble opinion, a little leopard print goes a long way. i own one  scarf and a small wallet with leopard print, but if i were to expand the feline side of my wardrobe i might choose one of these… meeeoooowwwww.

great online mags

i am a girl who loves magazines. i try to control my impulses to buy 10 magazines when i hit barnes and noble, and usually i am able to resist the siren call of all those beautiful pages filled with inspiration. i fully acknowledge that $10 for a magazine is a lot of money, and [...]