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a birthday celebration for le petit bebe just some ideas for a sweet girl’s birthday… i like to pick a theme and 2 or three colors and go from there. i find inspirational color combos on etsy and in all the blogs that i peruse each day, but color inspiration can be found anywhere. in the store, walking down the street, in [...]

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amy butler empire where do i even begin to express my love for amy butler? not only does she design fun, colorful + cheery fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, rugs and more, she also has a covetable house and she’s adorable. so much goodness from one woman. i came across her house tour on apartment therapy this morning and here [...]

i have a black thumb

Tastylia Germany i have a bit of a black thumb. which is extraordinarily disappointing for me since my mom and sis both have the green thumbs that elude me. but, even though my thumb is most definitely not any shade of color remotely close to green, here are the 3 things i can grow… i have a [...]

binära optioner utbildning

did someone say party? it was another gorgeous, sunny spring day here in chicoland. the daycare child and i headed outside first thing in the morning to squeeze in lots of outside play. while he climbed trees, played with snakes and ate rocks dug in the mud, painted rainbows + clouds and played with chalk,  i daydreamed of a [...] binäre optionen strategie hütchen

eye candy

go to site i have shared with you before a list of blogs that i like to browse each week and one of the great things about reading blogs is stumbling across other ones when my favorite bloggers share what they are reading and looking to for inspiration. here are some new ones that i go to for [...]

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j’adorn i have been making my own gift tags for years, mainly because its simple, inexpensive and i think a handmade gift tag adds that little je nais se quoi to a gift.  all you need is a decent printer, some scissors and some good card stock in whatever color floats your boat. there are some [...]

goin’ old school remember the good ole days? sitting in 2nd grade watching the boy that sat next to you eat glue and rub it all over his face ( like miss lippy, billy madison style) and cutting and glue stickin’ endless strips of paper to make that xmas count down paper chain? i remember those days, and [...]

2nd times a charm

legitimate binary options australia have you noticed how fond i am of the color chartreuse? well i am. this is the homemade wreath that now adorns our front door. festive, yes? i had made a practice wreath a few weeks ago after seeing this lovely one on etsy and figuring that instead of paying the $45.oo for it that [...]

great online mags i am a girl who loves magazines. i try to control my impulses to buy 10 magazines when i hit barnes and noble, and usually i am able to resist the siren call of all those beautiful pages filled with inspiration. i fully acknowledge that $10 for a magazine is a lot of money, and [...]

too much coffee this is what happens when i have more than my allotted 2 cups of coffee in the morning. i thought i was going to need a little extra kick in the pants this morning since we spent the afternoon + evening at that bash last night so i had about 3 cups of coffee today. [...]