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this could get ugly my dear sister has said to me on numerous occasions when we were out shopping together  ” jack, your bank account is going to be  in big trouble if you adopt a girl.”  in relation to that, i happened upon hij kids on one of my blogs today and oh holy hell… ch_client = “manojt”; [...]

a little peek

here are a few shots around the house as requested by a couple friends. keep in mind 2 things,  please…1) i did not stage or clean anything before i snapped these shots so what you see really is what you get, and 2) our current camera is a piece of, well, you know, and so [...]

binäre optionen richtige strategie

holy matrimony! three years ago today i stood by my best friend of 10 years, shed a few tears, had a few laughs, and said ” i do “. i have to say that it was the best and easiest decision ive made my entire life. life can hand us difficult situations and hard choices to make [...]

Dackie is in full effect y’all Hey everybody, it’s me, Dan, one half of the duo “Dackie”. In case you haven’t figured it out, this is Jackie and my website, Hopefully both of us will be posting on here about different wedding planning info, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and the like. Soon we’ll have some information about how you can [...]