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kitchen yoga

i think about food a lot. it may be a problem. i blog about food, i read blogs about food, i take sub par photos of food, i love to cook food and i love to (hello!!!) eat food. you want to talk about leeks or baking or herbed chevre or clafouti or basil or [...]

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rosemary + parm focaccia

iq options apple i stumbled across another tasty looking recipe from budget bytes. so far i’ve tried her naan, flour tortillas and now this focaccia recipe. all delicious and easy. that girl knows her carbs. i had never made focaccia before so i was looking for a simple and basic recipe for my first time. this recipe was [...] trading 24 online

pillowy naan with garlic butter

opzioni binarie neteller pillowy, soft, fluffy naan brushed with an unholy amount of garlic infused butter. it all started with this simple little ball of dough. okay, rewind. it all started with flour, salt, warm water. yeast and plain greek yogurt. mix together. let rise 45 minutes-ish. do you own a bench scraper? its that handy little tool [...]

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i have a black thumb tradingbinariowikipedia i have a bit of a black thumb. which is extraordinarily disappointing for me since my mom and sis both have the green thumbs that elude me. but, even though my thumb is most definitely not any shade of color remotely close to green, here are the 3 things i can grow… i have a [...] binäre optionen aktien handeln

meatloaf with a sweet + spicy tomato glaze

investire 100 euro in azioni binarie first things first- we survived the weekend and everyone was on their very best behavior at the weddings. meaning, no one swam in a fountain or tried to steal a golf cart or peed out of any windows or into any non-toilet objects. we kept it clean this weekend. after a week of neck pain [...]

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greek flatbread with lemon garlic yogurt sauce

10 mg Inderal med visum daniel and i heart  sierra nevada brewery and taproom big time. yah, i know its not a big hush hush. in all the many many many times we’ve been there, i think we have only been disappointed in a small handful of meals. the pork belly wasnt quite what i thought it would be (fatty [...]

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i think you can, i think you can…. demo azioni binarie that is what i was chanting silently (okay, maybe out loud) to the cinnamon raisin dough as i waited patiently for it to rise up to beautiful + puffy proportions. it started like this and then i let it “rise” for 2 hours and it was supposed to have doubled in size. and yet. after [...]

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i have a nice (spice) rack trading su operazioni binarie a well stocked cupboard + refrigerator is key to having a successful week of meals. i tend to plan meals for sunday though thursday nights but every once in a while (okay, more often than that) we arent feelin’ one of the meals that i had planned. so, we either end up ordering take out [...]

kitchen essentials

thesis editing office university of utah in the past, i have had several friends ask me what i consider to be essential in the kitchen. which  food staples, utensils and cookware could i not ever live without? today i will give a list of the cooking utensils that i would want  to be stranded on a deserted island with (please feel [...]

easy peasy philippineasy!

piattaforme opzioni borsa italiana   dinner tonight is chicken fajitas with homemade refried beans. i have the taco seasoned chicken breasts roasting in the oven with the sliced up onions and red, yellow and green peppers as we speak, the house smells peppery and delicious. i like to make my own taco seasoning.  yes, that little packet is an [...]