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elevated grilled cheese

check imagine the perfect grilled cheese sandwich- perfectly crisp and  buttery bread that encases melty, gooey, oozy cheese. are you picturing it? now add a couple things and consider your sandwich seriously elevated- add tomatoes, bacon, prosciutto, caramelized onions with thyme, sauteed crimini mushrooms, basil, another fancy cheese (think gruyere, brie or chevre) or a fried [...]

thyme + rosemary au gratin potatoes

trading puntata minima this is a delicious dish. you should totally make it. you can change it up to make it your own- add some slowly caramelized onions, use just about any kind of cheese (goat cheese would be oh so good in here), mix up the herbs or add some bacon. as you know, i fully stand [...]

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meatloaf with a sweet + spicy tomato glaze

find this first things first- we survived the weekend and everyone was on their very best behavior at the weddings. meaning, no one swam in a fountain or tried to steal a golf cart or peed out of any windows or into any non-toilet objects. we kept it clean this weekend. after a week of neck pain [...]

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twice baked goodness

look at this web-site heres another easy, quick + inexpensive meal for dinner that should please the bellies of everyone in your house. we served these taters with steamed broccoli and sauteed spinach on the side. this is another one of those recipes that you can tweak to please. baked potatoes are a blank slate that you can adorn [...]

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bit of a girl crush i will admit that i have a bit of a girl crush on nigella lawson. she’s charming, funny, intelligent, has a great accent, can cook and just look at her! nigella doesnt cook with any pretenses of superior fancy-ness. she is messy in the kitchen, eats cake directly out of the fridge, and is not [...]

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ultimate beef stew w/horseradish cream beef stew is something that i grew up eating. at its most basic, it is beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, peas and some water or broth. but there are so many delectable sounding recipes online and in cookbooks that just using those basic ingredients seems silly to me. add some wine, thyme or rosemary, bay leaves [...]


Homemade (with shortcuts!) Chicken Pot Pie image via make five i swear that its not all comfort food around here between the months of october- january. we eat salads, grilled chicken, frittatas and other stuff, too. but when the temperature dips and it gets windy and rainy out there, i do tend to turn to comfort food. fall is a good [...]

shepard’s pie

purchase Viagra in Fremont California this is the shepards pie i made last night. it will not be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. it doesnt help that our camera is a piece of ish and doesnt take the most flattering pictures, of people or food. but inside this crust of buttery mashed potatoes lies a hearty and savory dish [...]

death by cheese

where can i buy Seroquel without prescription once upon a time there was a girl that loved to cook. she would follow recipes to a “t” , clean the kitchen and dishes as she cooked and always wrote down the exact measurements of her own recipe creations so that others could follow her recipes to a “t”… unfortunately, i dont know that [...]