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al fresco dining all this lovely weather makes me want to grab a nice cold beer, a tasty plate of grub and dine outside. dining al fresco at home is nice, but out at a restaurant where someone else has cooked the meal (and will be doing the dishes) is even more appealing! if you live in chico [...]

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i have a black thumb i have a bit of a black thumb. which is extraordinarily disappointing for me since my mom and sis both have the green thumbs that elude me. but, even though my thumb is most definitely not any shade of color remotely close to green, here are the 3 things i can grow… i have a [...]


why am i thinking of  cocktails at 2:30 on a wednesday afternoon, you ask? its just been one of those days already and i’ve been thinking about that icy bottle of homemade meyer limoncello in my freezer. cocktail hour, where are you??? 5:31, hurry up! limoncello martini ice 5 T sugar 3 ounces good vodka [...]

blackcurrant iced tea with a vanilla bean + mint simple syrup

  lets break this drink down- vanilla bean sugar- go to peet’s coffee downtown and buy yourself 1 or 2 vanilla bean pods. they come individually wrapped in  a cute little test tube and they are about $2.50 each. this is by far the cheapest you will find then anywhere. if you buy one from, [...]