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a birthday celebration for le petit bebe

check these guys out just some ideas for a sweet girl’s birthday… i like to pick a theme and 2 or three colors and go from there. i find inspirational color combos on etsy and in all the blogs that i peruse each day, but color inspiration can be found anywhere. in the store, walking down the street, in [...]


put a feather on it i dont know if it is the introduction of spring or the adorable feather earrings that my friend, melody, was wearing when she came to visit last weekend thats making me think of feathery things, but im loving all things finely feathered right now…

ez treader

how i see childhood

click this link now as most of you know, i run a small home daycare. i never have more than 6 children enrolled and i feed those little ones delicious, organic + local homemade meals. carnitas made with local + organic llano seco pork, vegetable lasagna made with lots of fresh veggies and a homemade butter + onion tomato [...]

shiver me timbers seriously, shiver me timbers! im so excited because in just a couple months this little buccaneer turns 1. and jules has been gracious enough to let me go crazy with decoration and party ideas for the birthday bash. that is not sarcasm at all. i live for planning parties, making invitations and cards and making [...]

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oh, to be a kid again

source when my sister and i were growing up, we lived on 5 acres in the country. we didnt have a traditional tree house or play house, but we used our imaginations (with help from mom and dad) and created our own fort. we had a creek running behind our house and between our house and [...]

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toddler grub having a daycare definitely has its challenges- working from home is good + bad, 4 screaming 2 and 3 year olds running around the house repeating the same thing over and over tries my patience,  and the never ending diaper changes and nose wiping gets old. but i have been lucky to avoid the dreaded [...]

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