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Oh Heineken..Must you tease? This is the coolest invention ever.. EVER! Let me start by saying that the 5-Liter DraughtKeg is freaking sweet. Heineken seems to be “thinking outside the box” when it comes to packaging their wares and I applaud that. The Heini-Can, DraughtKeg and now this are completely innovative and, unfortunately, I don’t see any breweries doing [...]

Oh Noes.. Muh Beer!

I know some of you like to drink The Sam Adams. Well, there’s been an incident and you might want to read this before you open your next bottle of “the good stuff”. Don’t say I didn’t warnz ya. ch_client = “manojt”; ch_width = 300; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “Chitika Default”; [...]

How much do I suck? (and various other topics of discussion)

Seriously folks, I must apologize for my lack of posts. I’d like to say that I’ve been totally busy with work and all that, but I really haven’t. I’ve just been in an odd mood and haven’t felt like posting. It’s nothing you said or did, it’s all me. Don’t be mad. Look! I’m posting [...]

Double Big Gulp and Jager Night: A strategic guide to enjoying your Friday night Alrighty peeps, hold on to your chones. There is a huge show coming up this Friday. Are you ready for it? Okay here goes:

Decisions, decisions – Beer Edition

qual\\\\\\\\'è il miglior broker per opzioni binarie Earl, Josh and I brewed a Mocha Brown Ale a couple weeks ago. Well now its ready to bottle and unless I’m completely worthless tomorrow, Josh and I are going to bottle it. Once that’s done, it should be ready to drink in 2 to 3 weeks (Super Bowl anyone?). This leads me to a [...]

Bachelorette Party Well, Jackie is off to her bachelorette party for the weekend and you know what that means? No adult supervision for THREE DAYS! Oh man, this is going to be awesome. I’m totally going to eat Red Baron pizzas and drink nothing but KoolAid and beer all weekend. It’s gonna be so awesome. You know [...]

Word of the Day: Recuperate

Went to bed at 9:30pm last night… Sooo tired. Hey fools, what was your favorite part of this weekend?  Mine was just the fact that some of y’all came from across the country to kick it. That, and the beer. And more beer. And did I mention the beer? Oh yeah, and the beer.

There is a god!

We finally found a house! We’re moving in this weekend, come join in on the fun! Friday night we’ll be here. Sunday morning we’ll be here. In between, I’ll be here. Who’s coming with me?

OJB’s\\\\\\\\\\\'s-the-one I have looked far and wide on this series of tubes for anybody that mention the ever-classy OJB. And to no avail. I’ve found Special Sprites, though not the one we all know and love, but no OJB. Seriously folks, where’s the chatter? It’s only the best start to a day destined to be filled [...]

Is there anybody out there? Hey peeps! So we’re crossing our fingers that we get this house we’ve been looking at. We found it 2 weeks ago and now tomorrow morning I think the last hoop that we have to jump through is to introduce Madison to the home-owner and the manager of the property management company. Now if you’ve [...]