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mini cheesecakes with balsamic raspberry sauce

ive been feeling so intellectual lately. it doesnt really have anything to do with making these cheesecakes (although if you are smart, you’ll make them, too). its more related to the fact that i have finally joined a book club. i love to read and lose myself in the story and the characters and have [...]

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kitchen yoga

como esta conformado el sistema de comercio internacional i think about food a lot. it may be a problem. i blog about food, i read blogs about food, i take sub par photos of food, i love to cook food and i love to (hello!!!) eat food. you want to talk about leeks or baking or herbed chevre or clafouti or basil or [...]

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gluten free strawberry cupcakes

migliore piattaforma per opzioni binarie elana’s pantry recipe here.

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coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

شاي اخضر as a baker, i am always on the look out for new recipes that give me delectable results. lately, i’ve also been on the lookout for recipes that use less sugar or alternative natural sweeteners (agave, pure maple syrup, honey, fruit juice, apple sauce) and different types of alternative flours. i like the idea of [...]

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german chocolate cake

binär optionen forum it was my brother in laws bday yesterday and so we had them and my parental units over for dinner (menu of birthday boys choice) and dessert. he chose my bacon macaroni + cheese and i served that with roasted broccoli with garlic + lemon. for dessert he requested german chocolate cake and so i [...] opzioni binarie range

i think you can, i think you can…. mercato binario that is what i was chanting silently (okay, maybe out loud) to the cinnamon raisin dough as i waited patiently for it to rise up to beautiful + puffy proportions. it started like this and then i let it “rise” for 2 hours and it was supposed to have doubled in size. and yet. after [...]

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for the love of food إشارات حية خيار ثنائي food has always meant love in my family. growing up, life wasnt always easy for my mom who had left her entire family in the philippines when she married my dad and came to the states. she missed her family terribly, knew no one here except my dad and his side of the family, and [...]

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