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charming outerwearà “Ñ“Ã ’Ñ“Ã “‚à ’Ñ“Ã “Ñ“Ã ’†à “‚à ’’à “Ñ“Ã ’Ñ“Ã “‚à ’‚à “Ñ“Ã â has anyone else noticed how schizophrenic the weather has been? tornadoes, sunshine, thunder, rainbows, 40 mph winds + rain. good times for northern california. the only thing im indecisive about right now is which of these stylish outerware i want in my closet… ch_client = “manojt”; ch_width = 300; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; [...]

binary options made simple

bhldn im a little late to the game with this post, but anthro has finally come out with a line of wedding goodies- bhldn. im trying to contain my bitterness that they did it about 3 years too late for me to fully appreciate and utilize the new line (shaking fist @ anthro!), but for all [...]

binära optioner kapitalförsäkring

is it crap? did you all know that urban outfitters is the (cheaper, more urban) younger sister company of anthropologie? truth. according to urban outfitters inc. which is the umbrella company of both, urban outfitters offers “a lifestyle-specific shopping experience for the educated, urban-minded individual in the 18 to 30 year-old range”  and anthropologie   “is a lifestyle brand [...]


but they are just so cheerful

erstes kennenlernen hund und katze i am a girl who loves stripes. of every color, on everything from my floor to my clothes. we have striped cloth napkins, tablecloths, rugs, plates, bedding…you get my drift, yeah? but my sweet, dear husband is done with them. when i was shopping for a new rug a while ago he told me before [...]

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goin’ old school remember the good ole days? sitting in 2nd grade watching the boy that sat next to you eat glue and rub it all over his face ( like miss lippy, billy madison style) and cutting and glue stickin’ endless strips of paper to make that xmas count down paper chain? i remember those days, and [...]

tree hugger if you have a chance to speak to some of my friends and my family they will happily tell you that i’m a little tree hugger. we try to live as earth friendly as we can- we recycle, buy green cleaning products or i make my own (thats another post), we shop craigslist and thrift [...] erfolgreiche strategie binäre optionen

party shoes

have a peek here i’ve got my party shoes on and am anxiously waiting for the clock to turn 3:00 so that i may close the daycare and head to sierra nevada. i will post pics and details tomorrow (if my head is up for it…) all about the 30th anniversary bash! bottoms up!

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fabulous frocks all of the above items can be found at my favorite shop… here.  of course!