kitchen yoga i think about food a lot.

best way to start a dating website it may be a problem.

what happens to unvested stock options when a company is sold i blog about food, i read blogs about food, i take sub par photos of food, i love to cook food and i love to (hello!!!) eat food.

orari apertura e chiusura opzioni binarie you want to talk about leeks or baking or herbed chevre or clafouti or basil or baked eggs? im your gal.

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options trading tutorial i roast garlic, i whisk vinaigrettes with a dash of dijon, a drizzle of honey and a few slivers of shallot.

how to use trailing stop loss in forex i wrestle with little packets of yeast and try to convince it to play nice with the flour and the warm water and rise, damn you, rise and sometimes it cooperates and sometimes it damns me to kitchen hell (see cinnamon raisin dough, above).

useful reference

binaire opties per minuut here are some other things i do.

check this link right here now i burn toast, i overcook cakes, i undercook pork chops. i make lots of mistakes in my kitchen. many. a plethora of mistakes. but i am persistent and i just keep plugging away even when i seem to be having a week full of bad juju in the kitchen. sometimes the kitchen gods throw junk at me and i have days of meals that are just… off. like, it could have been really good but it just didnt quite reach that tasty status. and thats okay.

är binära optioner lagligt cooking calms me and focuses me and takes me to my happy place. cooking is my yoga. i feel centered after a good session in the kitchen.

his explanation so this is why i am minorly obsessed with food and all things food related.

binary option trading in nigeria as i type this i am listening to the joy the baker and shutterbean podcast.

guess what its about? you’ll never guess. guess!

yah. food.

check it, its awesome.




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  1. Big Sister wrote:

    I must have a cinnamon roll now!! Love this, you said it so well! I’m going to check out those podcasts, thanks!

    Posted 02 Jun 2011 at 2:55 pm

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