and then there was a little crash i left sausalito on day 2 and headed back to our hotel in the early afternoon. it was cloudy and cold out, but not raining, so i cant blame my inability to see on the rain. i had been driving around for 20 minutes already trying to get to my hotel, mind you, i knew exactly where the hotel was, had in fact driven past the exit 4 times, but i couldnt figure out how to get onto the one way street that was the entrance.

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iiq option serious irritation had set in by the time i drove past the exit again and i cursed all the one way streets in this stupid city when all i want to do is turn there into our hotel. arrgghh! so it was in this irritated and grumbling state of mind that i drove around trying desperately to get into the hotel valet parking lot.

i thought about this binäre optionen java i was on a little, quiet 2 way street, in the right hand lane where i should have been (because it was at that moment in my mind still a 2 way street) and i noticed up ahead that another @##$%$# one way street loomed and i didnt want to be going that way, so i checked to see that no cars were coming towards me in the other lane (and they werent) turned on my left signal, and began to turn into a parking garage to flip around and head back the other way. just as i began turning, i saw a flash of silver to my left and a demo trading gratis CRASH! and saw a spectacular little shower of silver paint fall to the ground.

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come chiudere il conto con iq option oh shit.

Source it was right at that moment that i saw the one way street sign and realized that the accident was fully my fault. luckily, i was driving very slowly since i had been turning into a parking garage, and she must  have been driving slowly, too because the damage wasnt too bad. my headlight was sitting wonky and half way out of its socket since the impact was right next to it and there was a small dent and some superficial looking scrapes on the fender near the headlight, but not so bad. even her car only had a small dent near her passenger side rear door.

binaire opties strategieën i was pretty shaken since ive never been in an accident before ( well, minus the time i was 14 and julie let me drive and i rolled into a car full of laotians that spoke no english  and wanted us to to give them $200 so they could make a meat necklace to ward away the bad juju from the accident). i apologized profusely to the angry woman, but luckily, after about 5 minutes of me hanging my head in shame and telling her that it was completely my fault and that i was sorry sorry sorry, she eased up on me and we nicely exchanged our insurance info and went our separate ways.

opcja binarna definicja i finally made it back to the hotel, popped a beer and prepared to tell daniel about my little accident. all he asked was if i was okay and said that must have been scary and said we’d deal with it later.then he filled my glass with more beer. i love that man.

navigate here (***please note that i am not in any way making fun of the laotian culture or beliefs, but do understand that to my 14 year old mind, the idea of a meat necklace was absurd***)

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