birthday week

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source url yes, you read that title correctly, this is my birthday week. i have always believed that only having one measly day per year to celebrate one’s magical + messy appearance into this world is just not nearly enough. personally, i think everyone should have a birthday month, not necessarily full of gifts ( although that could be fun) but a month full of friends and family doing nice things for you. all month. for example, daniel made me my morning french press of coffee today even though he hardly ever drinks the stuff anymore. it was so nice to wake up to a hot carafe full of delicious coffee as i tried to drag my ass from bed and into the shower to prepare myself for the 4 little tornadoes that come to my house each day. well played, daniel.

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All about binary options trading kenya i am at the age (almost 33) where i dont really need gifts anymore for my birthdays. i enjoy just having dinner and a couple drinks with my friends and family, enjoying the time that we have together. being able to carve time out of our busy lives and just sit down and have some face time with people i love is what i truly appreciate. i mean, dont get me wrong, i love gifts, but i guess i just dont expect them anymore like i used to when i was young.

opzioni binarie funzionamentio however, if any of you sweet readers out there feel the pressing need and desire to buy a gift for me, i think i need one of these…

recensioni sul trading vrrrroooooommmmm!!!!!!! and perhaps a trip to a place that looks like this… (beach source unknown)

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