shiver me timbers seriously, shiver me timbers! im so excited because in just a couple months this little buccaneer turns 1.

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grafici forex fxstreet and jules has been gracious enough to let me go crazy with decoration and party ideas for the birthday bash. that is not sarcasm at all. i live for planning parties, making invitations and cards and making homemade crafty decorations. it is not an exaggeration when i say that i have a folder full of pirate themed party inspiration for his birthday that i have slowly been accumulating. i have gotten many ideas whilst perusing some of my favorite blogs over the last few months. jules + glen have all the power to decide what they like, i am just happy to offer up some inspiration! here are just a few…

binäre option autotrader etsy-cuties tie dye boutique i saw this sweet garland and snatched it up. i figured we could use the colors and stripes for inspiration when julie + i make other garlands to hang with this one. the company that makes this garland and the baking kit, meri meri, is tres adorable so definitely check it out for all sorts of cute childrens party decor.

i truly enjoy making decorations and figuring out what colors and patterns will support the party theme best without being overly cutesy. the most rewarding part of all the party planning is seeing it all come together at the end, to be able to see my vision finally. i love it. one of the (many) business ideas i have had is to start a little party planning/ catering company. maybe someday in the future after lazerbeam reardon goes to school…

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  1. c lo wrote:

    I can’t believe he’s gonna be 1. I can’t wait to see what the party looks like!

    Posted 19 Jan 2011 at 3:28 pm

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