oooh lala! french macarons (macaroons?) “they’re chewy, crunchy, creamy, and just more sophisticated than cupcakes…”  this was said about the delicious french macaron in an article in bon appetit magazine. that is a big statement to make about cupcakes, especially to a person (me) that loves cupcakes almost as much as she loves her husband. i can’t believe I’m about to say this, but i think i agree. I had never tried a french macaron until I bought one on a whim the other day at  tin roof bakery. the macarons looked so sweet + pretty sitting there in the shiny glass case and I was just looking for a little afternoon treat to go with my coffee,  so i decided to give them a taste. a french macaron is like a tasty hybrid of a whoopie pie + a cupcake. how can you go wrong? i bought a hazelnut chocolate and a raspberry one. i tried the raspberry one first-  a thin, slightly crisp outer shell gave way to a soft and cakey inside, and then the creamy raspberry filling hit my mouth. sheer heaven. the hazelnut one was pretty tasty too, but after that raspberry one i think my mouth was spoiled and all it wanted was a second raspberry one. i resisted temptation to drive back to tin roof and buy more, but today i gave in and bought a few for daniel + i to have as dessert tonight. I got a raspberry, a creamsicle (for daniel) and a french lavender. i was so intrigued by the french lavender one that i couldnt wait and had to dig into it a few minutes ago.

i love the scent of lavender and i have had lavender lemonade, lavender iced tea and a vanilla cupcake with a lavender butter cream so i had an idea what it might taste like. it didnt disappoint me, it had a very light lavender floral flavor to it that wasnt overly sweet.
now that i am aware of the delicious-ness that is a french macaroon, i am definitely putting them on my list of things to make.
and this one is first on my list. yes, please.
french macarons with burnt caramel filling, recipe + pic here via bon appetit