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opções binarias pdf its the season of  holiday festivities and dinners and parties.  someone likes you enough to invite you to their home for an evening full of friends, food and cocktails. so what do you do? show up 10 minutes early, empty handed and watch your gracious host/hostess scramble like mad to finish putting on their makeup and add the final touch ups to the dinner table decor? no, you ninny, thats exactly what you dont do. here are a few tips on how to be a gracious guest and ensure that you get invited back…

1… arrive 10 minutes after the time that is stated in invite, evite, text. the goal is not to be the first person to arrive at a party (ahem, daniel)

2… double up opzioni binarie dress accordingly. if you cant tell from the invite what kind of party its going to be, contact your host/hostess ahead of time and politely inquire. it may be come as you are in jeans and a hoody, but it also may be a little swankier than that, so you want to fit in with the other guests.

3… do not get fall down on your ass drunk. nobody likes to be that guy (or girl). just take my word for it. have a good time, have a few cocktails, but do so responsibly. here’s how ( it took me MANY  years to learn this) – drink a cocktail, then a glass of water, drink another cocktail, drink ANOTHER glass of water. trust me, everyone will be happier if you drink this way. you will be especially grateful to my sage advice in the morning when your mouth binäreoptionen brocker does not taste like someone’s cat mistook it for the litter box.

4… anyoption ikili opsiyonlar alım satımı bring a gift! it is thoughtful and kind to bring a gift to your hostess that has been stressing and shopping and cleaning and cooking up a storm so that you may come over and enjoy her nice, clean house and delicious food.

5… wer kennt die plattform anyoption dont be the last to leave. take the hint when your host + hostess are sitting on the couch yawning and gazing longingly towards their bedroom that the evening is now over.

6… binära optioner handel send a thank you card (email, text) i prefer a handwritten note but you do whatever works for you. the host and hostess would love to hear that you enjoyed the prime rib and champagne cocktails and this will also ensure that you get another invite to the next soiree.

here are some lovely hostess gift ideas…


this is my favorite candle right now, its  a yummy blend of cucumber and grapefruit.

dots and dahlias via etsy

this one does take a little forethought. but just think how generous and thoughtful you will look when you give a gift of personalized stationary. kudos to you!

anemone letterpress via etsy

this is good all year round, yes it can be used for the holidays but works just as well for a birthday, anniversary, new job etc.

wild ink press via etsy

i love wild ink press. first of all, because its all so charming, but also because wild ink press is located right here in chico, and her and her husband adopted their son, which scores major points in my book since we are on a journey to adoption, as well. her goodies are carried @ magna carta. also, she has a sweet blog


a fun little scarf is always appreciated. im loving this ikat pattern. a woman can never have too many accessories, y’know?

bev mo

bev mo

of course, you can always go with the lovely stand by gift of booze. a nice bottle of wine, liquor, champagne or even their favorite beer is never wrong. just make sure to put a little ribbon on it and a note that says something along the lines of ” for you to enjoy after the party!” so that they dont feel obligated to put it out with the other drinks at the par-tay.

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  1. Jeff wrote:

    Not so subtle hint, huh?

    Posted 09 Dec 2010 at 7:35 pm
  2. jackie wrote:

    hah! i didnt mean when you guys come to my house, silly! you guys are family, no hostess gifts for family. unless its an anthropologie gift card. that i wont turn down :)

    Posted 09 Dec 2010 at 8:16 pm

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