once it hits your lips, its so good!

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click here now it is their 30th anniversary celebration party and i will be closing the daycare early (hooooray!!!) and we will be heading down there with scott b, jim + felicia. there will be samples of over 30 types of their beer, some that have never been and never will be released for public consumption. there will also be music and dinner will  be served, catered of course, by the brewery. we are all excited and think it will be a really great time. tuesday morning may not be so much fun and i never thought i’d say this but, i can’t wait until monday!

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check this link right here now and of course, some of this.

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kan man köpa Viagra i prag what is your favorite sierra nevada brew? have you ever been to the brewery? if so, what did you think?

http://sebastien-poitevin.com/?semka=trading-opzioni-binarie-cos///////\\\\'è we have been known to frequent the brewpub often. there was a month where we were there about 5 times. daniel had received a large gift card there, and we love the atmosphere, beer and food so much that we just couldnt stay away. and hey, it was free! since we are on a new budget for the sake of adopting we dont go nearly as much, but we are pretty much guaranteed to make an appearance at least once a month. if you’ve never been and ever get the opportunity, please do check it out. they have awesome beer and food and its just a beautiful space. cheers!

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