bringing back the brew It’s been something like a year and a half or more since I’ve brewed beer. I’ve been thinking about brewing a lot. I’ve talked about brewing a lot, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. Saturday I pulled the trigger.

go site Lots of beery goodness going on in there.

Tastylia Supplier binary options trading signals live Wanting to get back to basics, I brewed a recipe that was originally a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone that I found from Brew Your Own magazine, but since I was buying my ingredients online and in set volumes, I decided to alter from the recipe a bit. Here’s the recipe I ended up using:

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  • 1 lb Malt – Crystal 40L
  • 1 lb Malt – Carapils
  • 8 lbs Light Malt Extract
  • 2 oz Perle Hops @ 10min
  • Cascade HopsĀ  (5 ounces so far)
    3 oz @ 45min,
    1 oz @ 55min,
    1 oz for dry hopping (with more to come)
  • American Ale Yeast

opzioni digitali meno di 100 euro Thanks to Mario, all of our plants are properly hydrated.

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autopzionibinarie phb Seeing as brewing has historically been a social activity (women mostly, but in the last century or two men have taken over), I decided to invite some of the guys over. There was beer to brew and beer to drink and I needed help with both. Mario was the first to arrive just as I was cranking up the burner and was a big help. Earl, Ryan and Dilby showed up a little later in the brew day. Even my dad, fresh from the US Open at Pebble Beach, made an appearance.

get redirected here I got to break out the wort chiller that my brother made for me for Christmas and it worked like a champ. I just wish there was a way to not use up so much water during the cooling down process. Suffice it to say, every single tree, bush and shrub in the front yard was adequately hydrated on brew-day.

bookofmatches dating site All in all, it was a good day. I’m glad I finally got around to brewing. I was able to take a sip of the brew last night as I was dry-hopping with more Cascade hops and moly-moly are we in for a treat. It still needs some time to age, but I think I’m on to something.

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  1. mary b wrote:

    a fantastic read Bella was a big help as well I see! Was she the only lady firend invited to the brew party!?

    Posted 23 Jun 2010 at 10:57 pm
  2. Daniel wrote: That’s actually Earl’s dog, Millie. Bella was inside since she’s a runner.

    Posted 24 Jun 2010 at 7:47 am
  3. jackie wrote: binaire opties succesverhalen she’s all alone in the backyard because bella likes to show her dominance with dogs when she meets them so she tried to eat poor millie’s face. sorry earl! she only does that for a couple minutes and then she is nice to them and wants to play/ignores them, i promise, we’ve seen it numerous times with other dogs!

    Posted 24 Jun 2010 at 8:01 am

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